Website development: how to start

09 March 2016 Useful
Website development: how to start

We are sure that you’ve thought about how to create a website but didn’t know how to start. We’d like to tell you what do you need to do, what don’t need to do according to our experience. So let’s begin.

First of all think about do you realy need a website. Who will be your clients? Is there demand for your product or services? If you have some doubts about it than think about it later otherwise you’ll spend your money for nothing.

The idea and concept of the site

As soon as you have decided to run the site you’ll need a clear vision of what site it will be: personal blog, corporate website, landing page or online store. Than think about the idea and concept of the site.

Just write your main diffirences from the competitors. What are your strong and weak sides? Or may be you want to improve some services which are already available on the market.

Website title

One of the main point is the name of the site. It should be short, easy to remember and unique. Just think creative about it.

Website structure

Excellent. You’ve chosen the site name, had the idea and concept. Now it is time to work on the website structure. I think that such pages must be on the site: About page, News (or Blog), Contact information. Of course don’t forget about your services and products.

You also should think well about the structure. Don’t make a lot of links from one page to another. More over use correct URLs because it is necessary for site promotion. Make sure that page address is look like instead of

Than you should decide what CMS to use. There are a lot of them through out the Internet. Of course some of them are free and some of them commercial. Use demo before you make decision. For example, we used to use ImageCMS Corporate for my client’s projects. But now we are using famous WordPress as our main CMS.

Choosing domain name

Domain is your website address. Here you must think about the name, because registration is available for a minimum of 1 year. By the way if you’ll have a desire to change the name you’ll need to do site promotion from the very begining.

Choose as short name as possible and easy to remeber. Such names had been already registered but you can try other domain zone instead of .RU/.COM/.NET etc.

The price for a domain also differs. Each registrator has own prices for each domain zone. You can find out them at the webhosting providers such. Among russian registrants you can use Outside Russia we recommend Dreamhost.

Website design

Here is the most interesting part. Some clients ask us to use templates for their sites. Of course, it’s up to client whether choose template or design development. We strongly recommend you to order a webdesign.

For example, you’ve bouhgt a template. Installed on your website or asked someone to help you with that. It doesn’t matter. Other user also bought the same template and offered the same services as you or used it not legal. So the user will remember design or colors (it’s easier) and in two weeks will think about your company. He will try to find you. Finaly he found the website (with the same template) and would think that this is your company. He will read about your services and will find out that services (which current site offers) are not good enough. Anyway the client will think such about your company. Yes, it is one in a million but such situations could be.

Individual design wins anyway. All the site style will be made by your vision and ideas, will use your colors and will be well combined with your logo. Won’t be overloaded with unnecessary blocks. And will be easy to use and edit.

If you do not want to spend much money at start we can offer you “all inclusive” website for only $150.

Website content

There are plenty of articles through ou the Internet. The easiest way is to copy article from the one site and paste it at yours. But you’ll lost all your position in search engine.

Other method is to write all the text by yourself. Yes. It’ll take some time, but don’t idle. Such texts are more interesting to read.

The third method is to hire a copywriter. They will write you any text according to your requirements and desires. Average cost is about $30 per one text. But in Russia it depends on how many symbols will there be. For example, 1000 symbols could cost $7, $10 or $20. It depends on how good copywriter is.


It’s no so difficult to run your first website but it also costs some money. And how much will it cost depends only on how much you are ready to invest to yourself.