What is the price of website development

03 June 2013 Other
What is the price of website development

Everyone was asking a question about the price of website development. If we will ask Google or Yandex we will see huge amount of offers where price range will be absolutely different, for example, from 1 000 ₽ to infinite cost. Why is it so? Why does the price at studio differ from the freelancer’s price?

So someone imagine that website consist of one page where all information is placed about company or person with feedback form. It is fiction. Such sites doesn’t exist besides Landing Pages or Promo websites. Base website consists of several pages including services, blog or news, contact information, about page etc. There are a lot of sections could be.

The range of prices is caused by everyone who wants to be on top even if someone will do worse for himself by dumping prices. Cost of services in web studios, for example, caused by some factors:

  • Designer;
  • Project Manager;
  • Developer;
  • Bills;
  • Comission.

These are the most important items of expenditure which every studio has and affects the cost of service. Of course, some studios offer a website for as little as 1 000 ₽ or 1 500 ₽ but quality is won’t be so good. Such prices caused such factors: using templates is much cheaper, CMS without any functionality or even they doesn’t use it at all. Some of sites are not SEO friendly and it is difficult to promote them.

Website development price among freelancers can have wide range too but it more often lower rather than in studio because freelancer doesn’t have to pay salaries, rent etc. Freelancer expensens are minimal that affects final cost for his services.

Also ratings, popularity, reviews affects price. If rating higher than cost is higher too because client must pay for the brand and popularity.

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