About responsive design

30 June 2013 Design
About responsive design

Everyday amount of users which use mobile devices are growing. If we will look everywhere we go we could see that every cafe or mall has Wi-Fi where a lot people use mobile phone or tablet to surf the Internet. That’s why most of developers uses responsive through out their work.

What is the responsive design?

Responsive design is design that perfectly fits ane device from PC to mobile phone. Such sites a placed on one domain and do need to have ane mobile versions of the site. The content of the site is perfectly changes upon device resolution.

Of course at the very begining I thought taht I should develop design for each of the devices but I was wrong. Such design is developing for each screen resolution and if to talk clearly for each browser resolution. Some functionality could be reduced on mobile devices due to technichal specs of device. But don’t be sad you can also use it on your PC or laptop at home or office.

Advantages of the responsive design

  • One design for all devices.
  • Content is fully readable.
  • One domain.
  • More comfortable to read and look at the images.
  • Size of images changes automatically.
  • Modern website development.
  • Reaching a large audience.

Our studio developing responsive websites. Contact us and we will be happy to make you one.