Meta-data and description for manufacturers for Opencart

An extension for Opencart which allows to add meta-data and description for product manufacturer page.

10 October 2019
Online Store Development

A few words about how we make online stores and some of the work examples.

24 July 2019
Underline element using CSS

A little lesson about such feature as underline element with CSS. Most of us have seen such effect as appearing line under the element. But the line appears with animation from the side or from the center and makes all the elemnt underlined.

10 October 2016
Website development: how to start

You probably thought about it or you were advised by friends to create your own site, but did not know where to start. We will share with you where to start, what better not to do, relying on your own experience.

09 March 2016
About responsive design

It's not new for anybody that the number of users of mobile devices increases daily. If you look at the surrounding society, we will see that in every cafe or shopping center there is Wi-Fi, where many people are sitting on the Internet from a phone or tablet.

30 June 2013
What is the price of website development

Many faced such a question: "How much does it cost to develop a website?" If you ask Google or Yandex, you can see a huge number of proposals.

03 June 2013