We make genious to be simple

Kngaroo Studio was founded in 2017 by mergin three projects into the one big brand. We are a web design studio with a great desire to make the Internet environment more attractive, functional and user-friendly. With the help of a well-developed strategy, we help businesses grow and prosper using the latest technologies in web development, user interfaces and by the applying the latest trends in design. We are committed to a long-term partnership with each of our customers and are doing everything possible to ensure that all of the assigned tasks have been implemented.

About work

In our work we use modern technologies and ways of interaction with the client. For each project its own space is created, where it is easy and convenient to exchange ideas, thoughts, and most importantly the customer always sees the working process of each task.

Website Development

Development of sites of any complexity with responsive design, great features and convenient navigation.

Online Stores

Online stores development. From a small ones to large with a outstanding design and navigation.


We make beautiful logos, and also do not forget about corporate style.

Polygraphic Design

We develop mock-ups for printed products. You will only have to print them.


We analyze, promote and display websites to TOP.


Promotion of groups and pages in social networks. Attraction of subscribers / followers.

Few words about Kngaroo history

The idea to create the Kngaroo brand was born in 2016 as part of the Rose Box project (now it’s Kngaroo Club ). We intentionally abandoned the first letter “A” in the title so that clients would not confuse us. The pronunciation did not change in English. In 2017 we decided to combine 3 projects into the one brand, but the style of each project should have been preserved from its predecessor. For example, for Club – the main color is turquoise. For the Kngaroo Store was originally a black color, but decided to abandon it and implemented such basic colors: red and dark red with complementation of dark purple color in the name.

During the creation process of Kngaroo we were looking for the inspiration in Australia especially in Sydney – a city where history is intertwined with modernity. The only look at the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge – a fundamental structure, but at the same time soaring over the bay, symbolizing delicacy, style and uniqueness.

The symbol of Kangaroo reflects our philosophy and mission. In the logo we tried to display our foundations: movement, growth, jump up. In addition, kangaroo are relatively new in the Russian market, and besides a cute creature that shows special attention to its children, show their strength and constant movement.

Our Team

We’ve been searching for like-minded poeple in the embodiment of cool ideas for many years. Our team is rather small, but with a huge potential and experience in the field of Internet technologies. We are ready to implement both small and large-scale projects.